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We cut out the middle man to save you money. THEIR WAY Traditional fuel buying for convenience store owners, gas stations, grocers, and truck stops often means being tied to contracts, lower margins, dependency on a single resource, minimal flexibility … Read More

Boss Fuel Racing Fuel

High octane racing fuel. Fuel specifications: orange in color, MON: 96, RON: 104, R+M/2: 100, RVP: 6.8psi/46.9kpa, Oxygen Content: 3.6% by weight, Oxidation Stability (min.) 1440+, H:C ratio: 2.17 to 1,O:C ratio: 0.035 to 1, Stoichiometric A/F ratio: 14.25 to … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Boss Fuel? A: Boss Fuel is a name that represents a belief in providing consumers with superior fuel through special care and treatment of its products and equipment. Q: Are there specials additives in Boss Fuel? A: … Read More

Seasonal Diesel Fuels

Commonly referred to as Diesel #2 or ULSD #2, this is Boss Fuel’s standard Diesel product. Boss Fuel recommends this product for all of your Diesel needs. This seasonal Diesel product is standard Diesel #2 with Magellan’s X-1 additive. This … Read More

Ethanol Blend Fuels

Commonly referred to as ‘regular’ or E10, Super Unleaded 87 contains up to 10% ethanol and has an octane rating of 87. Boss Fuel recommends Super Unleaded 87 for anyone driving a 1990 and newer vehicle. Commonly referred to as E15, … Read More

Conventional Gasoline

Commonly referred to as ‘clear’ gasoline, Unleaded 87 contains 0% ethanol and has an octane rating of 87. Boss Fuel recommends using Unleaded 87 for watercraft’s, ATVs, small-engine yard equipment and 1990 era vehicles and earlier that utilize rubber hoses … Read More

The Law is hard, but it is the Law.

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