We Know Fuel

At Bosselman’s Enterprises, we know fuel. We’ve been in the fuel business for more than 70 years, and we’ve learned that to be a successful fuel retailer requires a blend of art and science. Using best-in-class technology and people, we’ve blended that art and science into BossFuels Management Solutions and found a way to Buy Fuel Better.

• We manage fuel-buying and delivery processes for 50+ locations, dispensing more than 75-million gallons annually
• Our buying power means your fuel dollars are maximized for greater returns
• Turn-key solutions to provide better cash-flow for your business with improved fuel margins

Our solution offers a way to
Buy Fuel Better.

Their Way

Traditional fuel buying for convenience store owners, gas stations, grocers, and truck stops often means being tied to contracts, lower margins, dependency on a single resource, minimal flexibility in your business cash flow, and limited transparency of supply chain costs.

Our Way.

BOSSFUEL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS manages every step of the process, from crude oil to the pipeline to the rack to your customer’s tank, we squeeze every drop of profitability from every drop of fuel. This gives you peace of mind your fuel needs are managed properly, freeing up cash flow, increasing profitability, and lets you focus on your customers.

Best-In-Class | People & Technology

Our team of fuel professionals based in Grand Island, NE manage inventory, deliveries, peak-season adjustments, and work diligently to prevent run-outs utilizing the most advanced software in the industry.  We monitor the fuel supply chain and fuel markets on an hourly basis so you don’t have to. We can react to take advantage of the marketplace to ensure fuel is purchased at the best price every day, giving you peace of mind that your fuel dollars are maximized for greater returns.

Greater Cash Flow & Flexibility

Too much fuel in your tanks is a business risk, tying up cash you could use elsewhere in your business. We know exactly how much fuel should be on hand in every one of your tanks; when to replenish; how to efficiently deliver; and how to adjust for individual locations, special events and high-traffic seasons. We analyze each location’s optimal volumes and inventory to match forecasted sales, and manage every step of the process for you.

24/7/365 | Regional Fuel Supply

Our purchasing power and delivery network gives you a better pricing model from the pipeline to the pump. We buy in quantity, at preferred rates, and pass the savings to you. Our locations footprint, combined with yours and others means we can secure preferred freight rates and maximize efficiencies for optimum inventory management, reduced load fees/penalties, and run-out protection.


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